1. Get your scooter out of the transport box.
2. Find the user manual and read it.
3. Use the toolset provided with the Dualtron to fix the position of the display and the brake handles. For some models like the Dualtron Spider, you also need to install the handlebar.
4. Electric scooter unfolded, calibrate the folding clamp tension..
5. Inflate the wheels (3 - 4 bars depending on your body weight).
6. Use your charger or fast charger to fully charge the battery prior to any usage.
7. Adapt the display parameters to your desired usage. We strongly recommend to avoid using the scooter at 100% capacity as you may end up damaging your motors, controllers or battery.

Recommended Display Settings :

  • P7 : 3
  • P8 : 75
  • P9 : 2 (3 for more power but for short periods)
  • PA (Magnetic Braking) : 3 or 4